Managing Type 2 Diabetes in Malawi and Africa


A team of clinicians and scientists from Mzuzu Central Hospital, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), UK, Imperial College London, UK, and Luke International Norway (LIN), Malawi, have embarked on a collaborative research programme to study T2DM with an aim to prevent morbidity and mortality from this disease.

As part of this collaboration we have obtained ethical approval for a feasibility pilot study which will involve the setting up a Diabetes Registry in Mzuzu Central Hospital. Following patient consent, we aim to collate patient demographic and clinical information, and perform several clinical and diagnostic tests for T2DM and associated complications. These clinical and diagnostic tests are performed as part of routine clinical care in many countries. In addition we will analyse 50 novel biomarkers of cardiac disease in diabetes patients using mass spectrometry. This proposed feasibility pilot study will generate data that will be used to aid the study design of a larger clinical diabetes project for a Horizon 2020, MRC and Wellcome Trust funding applications. The pilot study has 100 patients in Mzuzu Central Hospital, and begun in August 2015. Listed are a selection of photos as part of the MTIMA pilot study preperation efforts.

Funding Agency: ROCHE

PIs: Dr Joe Gallagher (UCD) and Dr Chris Watson (UCD & QUB), Dr John O’Donoghue (ICL)